Original system of the Canter

I adopt the hybrid system of the parallel method that I developed originally. I collect energy at the time of the slowdown efficiently by having incorporated motor / generator between a small displacement volume clean diesel engine and machine type automatic gearboxes compactly by intercepting a clutch. Output density, an energy density are big, and small size, lightweighting is possible, and the battery adopts the periodical lithium ion battery which is exchange-free with longer life. The engine adopts a common rail system, highly precise cooled EGR, consecutive reproduction-type DPF.
I realize large mileage improvement and exhaust reduction and offer the easy drive that reduced a burden of the control. In addition, even a circumstantial No-mask cleared a regulation level of the severest "new long term exhaust emission regulation" (2005 regulation) as a small size diesel truck for the first time in the country in the world.
I improve true efficiency in an energy time at the time of the slowdown by cutting an engine and a motor into pieces with a clutch and realize the low mileage and an easy drive in combination with a machine type automatic transmission.

Japanese Used Truck Mitsubishi Canter